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Founded in 2009, Fluent In Five was established with the fundamental belief that anyone can go from zero to fluent in language and culture with our proven system.


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Language Solutions for Businesses

Founded in 2009, Fluent In Five is a full-service minority and woman-owned small business that provides language training, translation, interpreting, and cross cultural training for individuals, government agencies, and businesses. We offer language programs in Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Italian and more languages on demand.  

What we do:

  • Leading experts in helping clients achieve fluency in foreign languages

  • High quality provider of translation and interpretation for individuals,  business, and government agencies

What Makes Us Different:

  • Our online language training  and interpretation services allow our clients to connect with specialists by appointment, regardless of a client's  physical location. 

  • Our company provides language experts to our clients in a fast and cost-effective manner.

  • Costs for language training and interpretation are more affordable than traditional onsite and in-person classes, since clients can save on transportation, commuting, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Our interpreters and translators abide by a

  • Code of Ethics and comply with HIPAA laws and treat all information with 100% confidentiality.

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