Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Fluent In Five's classes offered online or in-person?

Our programs are offered online. As a student, you can enroll in our online programs on any computer, smartphone, or tablet in the world.  

Do you offer a special discount for individuals facing financial hardship and do you have a scholarship program for students currently enrolled in school?

We want to ensure that people from all walks of life can enroll in our programs. If you are interested in the Zero To Fluent or any of our other programs, click here to schedule a call with us to learn more.

What is the language pledge?

Full immersion is the best way for you to get results fast. The language pledge is your commitment to only use your target language in class so you can get the best results.

What is the mission of Fluent In Five?

Our mission at Fluent In Five is to help transform lives by helping people go from zero to fluent. We take great pride in helping you get results fast.