Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are these classes self-taught, videos, pre-recorded, or live classes?

Sorry, we do not offer any pre-recorded videos or audio files.  Fluent In Five uses its proprietary Zero To Fluent Rapid Results Teaching Method to offer a full immersion program which is 100% rolled out in a live format. All classes are all live interaction online.  No videos. No audio files.  

Are Fluent In Five's classes offered online or in-person?

Fluent In Five's Zero To Fluent programs are offered online and language learners can meet with Fluent In Five Expert Instructors on any computer, smartphone, or tablet in the world.  For select locations, you may be able to request in-person instruction, but prices will vary and that is for select locations only.

Do you offer a special discount for individuals facing financial hardship and do you have a scholarship program for students currently enrolled in school?

Yes, of course.  We offer both.  Fluent In Five has a servant's heart and wants to ensure that individuals of all ages, ethnic groups, and walks of life have equal access to foreign language education. Please click on "Find My Program" and complete the form to contact us to learn how you may be able to take advantage of special pricing and still get fluent fast.

Can you tell me what this language pledge is all about?

Yes, once you sign the language pledge, you pledge and agree to not speak in your mother tongue to your Fluent In Five Expert Instructor, your Fluent In Five Mentor, or anyone else on the Fluent In Five team. We attract language learners who want to get fluent and like the intensity.  If a student cannot abide by the language pledge, Fluent In Five may not be the best fit for them.

What is the mission of Fluent In Five?

Our mission at Fluent In Five is to help transform lives by helping people go from zero to  fluent. We are a results-driven company and want to provide a caring, nurturing environment for our language learners. We take pride in helping them achieve fast and amazing results while bringing the entire world to their doorstep.